Data Division

Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA)

The Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA) was founded in November 1984 by the Center of Survey Research (CSR), formerly the Office of Survey Research. SRDA engages in the systematic acquisition, organization, preservation, and dissemination of academic survey data in Taiwan. Not only does SRDA consolidate valuable survey data in one convenient location, but it also provides rich materials for national and international academic research.

The sources of the data sets include data sets donated by researchers, surveys carried out by SRDA, as well as by government department and other academic organizations. Prior to the release of data sets, the confidentiality and sensitivity of every survey data set are evaluated. Standard data management and cleaning procedures are applied to ensure data accuracy and completeness. In addition, metadata and relevant supplement files are also edited and attached.

In order to ensure data security, SRDA has obtained ISO 27001:2005 certification for its digital data storage and usage services in 2010. SRDA is dedicated to protecting not only the confidentiality, completeness and applicability of survey data, but also confidential information pertaining to the SRDA members in the process of transmission, archiving and application. In addition, SRDA has also obtained ISO 27001: 2013 transition certifications in 2015.