Data Division

Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA)

Founded in 1994, the SRDA acquires, develops, preserves, and disseminates important survey research data in Taiwan. In terms of the number of datasets released-which is currently more than 2,600-as well as the variety of disciplines and survey approaches included, the SRDA ranks at the top in Taiwan and has become one of the leading archives in Asia. The number of newly-acquired datasets is expected to grow steadily.

Academic Survey Data

The SRDA collects survey data from academic research in the areas of sociology, economics, political science, education, management, public health, regional studies, sports, and fine arts. Sources of data include (1) donations from scholars or institutions that have conducted public opinion polls, (2) research projects conducted by CSR, and (3) survey projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Government Survey Data

Data from the government include surveys conducted by the following government units: (1) Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, (2) Ministry of the Interior, (3) Ministry of Health and Welfare, (4) Ministry of Labor, (5) Ministry of Transportation and Communications, (6) National Development Council, (7) Council of Indigenous Peoples, (8) Judicial Yuan, (9) Ministry of Education, (10) Ministry of Culture, and (11) Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The SRDA houses survey data in a wide spectrum of disciplines. Such resources can serve as valuable references for researchers, as research data for quantitative studies, or as teaching materials for class instruction in statistical analysis and research. Data services provided by CSR include data access and data preparation. Individuals who are interested in becoming a member of SRDA can apply for the free membership. Members can search for relevant datasets and browse questionnaires, frequency tables, and reports online. Most datasets can be downloaded directly from the website, while some datasets have restricted access, as mandated by the data provider. Application for access to such restricted data needs to be made according to the terms stipulated.

Since donation is the main source of our survey data archive, we sincerely welcome any donation of academic survey research data. SRDA has been awarded the ISO 27001, CoreTrustSeal certification for its digital data storage and usages services. The donors should first screen out confidential information pertaining to the respondents and help SRDA obtain formal consent of data release from organizations holding intellectual property rights before donation.

For more information regarding data donation or application, please contact us at: +886-2-27871829, or email