Data Division

Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA)

The Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA) was founded in November 1994 to systematically acquire, develop, store and disseminate precious survey research data in Taiwan. In the early period, SRDA, limited in both manpower and resources, focused mainly on formulating directions for its development and laying the foundations for the organization and operation management, as well as acquisition and preservation of datasets.

  Thanks to the zealous support from the academy, SRDA has been growing rapidly since its inception. The past years sees the increasing recruitment of research and administrative personnel parallel to its expansion.

  In order to conserve and integrate bountiful and valuable survey research resources, SRDA has devoted itself to collecting, managing, archiving and distributing precious survey data. In the meantime, SRDA has been broadening its range of disciplines and exploring new sources of data which include donations from leading scholars, research projects that we have cultivated cooperative data acquisition efforts as well as other authorized materials from government and academic institutions. Such efforts have widely enriched and diversified data resources.

  SRDA launched its web page in September 1996 for promoting wider publicity and providing better access to users. Application for data release can be made online and users can login to browse questionnaires and do searches. The English web page was also open to public in September 1998, extending its service to the global community. The establishment of the bilingual web site with updated information and news about datasets available facilitates academic exchange among international scholars. In addition, the quarterly SRDA newsletter first issued in April 2002 for disseminating news and updates on survey research also serves as another channel of communication with the academia.

  Ongoing workshops on “Data Preparation and Archiving" have been organized since 1998. Through sharing our experience and providing constructive suggestions, we enable scholars and researchers to gain a better idea of SRDA and its functions, how to utilize the data resources and how to prepare and archive datasets. Furthermore, to promote academic exchange and to enhance the quality of survey research in Taiwan, SRDA supports the Center for Survey Research in organizing large-scale academic activities including workshops, symposiums and seminars on survey research methodology.

  Striving first to have a solid foundation as a database of survey research, SRDA also aims to promote easy access to data resources via the web and focuses on developing technology in data management and utilization. Not only will SRDA become the most unique electronic library of data resources in Taiwan, its long-term goal is to be a world-class survey research data archive.